Les side-cars vintages que nous vous proposons sont à eux même une invitation à prendre la route pour découvrir les trésors d’une magnifique région, la Provence. Parcourez ses routes et imprégnez-vous de ses paysages en chevauchant un de nos side-car que nous vous faisons découvrir ici.


This model perfectly illustrates the Ural brand. With its look of M72, machine used during the Second World War, the retro is surely the model with the most class and elegance.

Its telescopic forks, 18-inch wheels and lower seat give it excellent handling. Its aesthetic finishes inside the basket are significantly superior to other models in the range.

The reverse lever, located next to the tank, is easy to access and adds a touch of good taste and utility to this model that will turn more than one head.


The CT is lower and lighter than all other models. This is the reason why it turns so easily and so faster in turns. It has wheels at 18 inches: the cT has one of the best grip of the sides Ural. She mounted profiles Heidenau K28. The side frame is also slightly lower and wider.

In a word, an ideal side for everyday use, for a weekend walk or for shopping in a supermarket! A side car of formidable initiation.