The region of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur

Region of the southeast of France, situated on the border of Italy and by the sea the Mediterranean Sea Provence is a region renowned for its varied landscapes, going the Alps of the South in the plains of the Camargue, via the valleys vineyards, the fields of lavenders and Côte d’Azur.


Provence is a region very appreciated for the tourism for the big diversity of its landscapes, its generous gastronomy, the warm welcome of premises and for the Sun!

It would be difficult to enumerate all the assets of this region which we invite to you to discover of the best of the manners which is, in direct link with wealth of his landscapes and his villages. Do not wait anymore to visit Provence and its hidden treasures.

Provence it is also symbols and products countries(soils) typical from us, to begin with cicadas and their singing(song)! The green, black and ripe(mature) olives, the oil, the tapenade mixed herbs! The goat cheese, the bush, but also the fish … The calissons of Aix-en-Provence, the shuttles of Marseille, the fuss of Estaque. And you would not should forget the apéritif with the pastis of Marseille and the rosé, and all the local specialities: panisses(flat breads), fougasse(seasoned flat bread), fish soup, fruits confide(entrust) … And so many other things to be discovered …In Provence it is all your senses(directions) which go on holiday.


Breathtaking landscapes, the sea, assembly(editing), the valleys … The wealth of the landscapes of Provence seems to have no limit so much there is of things to be discovered. It would be necessary it’s a pity to deprive you of a part(party) of the sensations and of the feelings that she could offer you not?

It is this idea which is at the origin of « La Belle Echappée », and that is why today we give you the possibility of discovering Provence through an original tourist activity, not resting(posing) none leaks out between you and this magnificent region.

To cross the roads of the region in Side-car seems to us to be best way of visiting Provence. By adding a Vintage touch to your exits, thanks to our retro models of motorcycle, we wish to plunge you into an atmosphere convenient to the “Release Grip”, so that you took advantage of your stay in Provence and so that you keep an immortal memory.

Then, you set off?

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